Frequently Asked Questions

1What is "Blind Outing"?
A “Blind Outing” is not a Blind date. In fact, it has nothing to do with dating. You can purchase a “Blind Outing” with a date, family or friends. What makes it unique? The surprise factor! You pick a budget and answer our questionnaire with your party. We never say where you are going and this is when the surprise journey begins.
2Is filling out the questionnaire necessary?
Yes! The questionnaire must be filled together with each person going on a “Blind Outing”. This determines where we are sending you. Blind Outing sends you to one location.
3How far in advance can I purchase a “Blind Outing”?
72 hours in advance. We must have enough time to study your questionnaire and book at the venues we work with.
4Can I change or cancel my “Blind Outing”?
Changes must be made 24 hours in advance. Purchases any time after that are non-refundable, non-changeable.
5What if we are not satisfied with our “Blind Outing”?
“Blind Outing” works with venues that have great reviews. We have no control on what happens during your Blind Outing. Therefore, we send you a review link. It is very important that you rate the venue afterwards. If a venue is not at our customers’ expectations, they will be eliminated from “Blind Outing”.